Acne & alcohol (of the drinking kind)

When embarking on a new acne-friendly diet, a common question arises – is it okay to indulge in alcoholic beverages?

While excessive alcohol consumption is widely recognized for its detrimental effects on the body, this discussion focuses on moderate intake. Can you enjoy a drink without it adversely affecting your skin?

The straightforward answer is, if you maintain a healthy diet rich in whole foods, essential vitamins, minerals, and incorporate probiotics for digestive well-being, you can likely include alcohol in moderation without significantly impacting your acne. However, there's a caveat – alcohol is often accompanied by its sidekick, sugar. Sugar, known as the instigator of inflammation and acne, disrupts hormonal balance, leading to increased sebum production and pore-clogging, contributing to acne. Therefore, if you aim to avoid breakouts that rival bad dance moves, opt for alcoholic drinks with low sugar content.

Which drinks fall into this category? Let's examine some examples. Cocktails, notorious for their sugar content, include Piña Colada with a staggering 63g of sugar (equivalent to almost 16 teaspoons), Sex on the Beach with 48g (12 teaspoons), Long Island Ice Tea with 40g, Pimms with 32g, and Mojito with 25g. In contrast, wines range between 1.4g (white) and 0.9g (red). Surprisingly, a glass of prosecco is estimated to contain around 1g of sugar. Lager, found in a pint of Foster's, contains 13.5g, while cider typically has about 15g. The sugar content in spirits varies; dark rum, such as Eldorado 12 year, contains 2g per serving, while light rum has minimal sugar. Whiskey has hardly any, and vodka and gin are sugar-free. However, the mixers pose a concern. Soda options like Coke (11g/100ml), Lemonade (25g/100ml), Orange (9g/100g), Ginger Ale (9g/100ml), and Tonic (9g/100g) can significantly contribute to the sugar intake. Opting for diet options, like a gin and Fentimans Botanical Light Tonic Water with a low 5.3g/100ml of sugar, can be a wiser choice.

While these insights provide some guidance, it's crucial to consider the recommended daily allowance (RDA) for sugar – 37.5g for men and 25g for women. So, while you may enjoy a drink occasionally, mindful consumption is key to balancing your dietary choices and maintaining skin health. Cheers responsibly!

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