How to select the right acne treatment?

A concise guide on selecting products that consistently work well for your skin:

When it comes to choosing an acne treatment, there are essentially three options: a Product (e.g., 28 Day Skin Salicylic Acid), a System (a combination of products bundled together, such as the Proactiv™ system), or a Plan (like our 28 Day Skin™ Plan).

In general, Plans surpass Systems, and Systems are more effective than individual Products. Why, you ask? It boils down to how acne forms and the cycle of your skin.

A single product typically targets only one or two aspects of the acne-forming process. For instance, Salicylic acid is excellent for unblocking pores but may not be as effective in controlling bacteria, balancing skin oil production, or reducing inflammation.

For a treatment to be effective, it needs to address multiple aspects of the acne-forming process. This is where Systems come into play. Systems, comprising a bundle of products, work synergistically to treat various stages of the acne-forming process. While there are many Systems available now, they all follow a similar idea: treating multiple links in the chain. Essentially, any skin routine can be considered a System, like using Benzoyl peroxide in the morning and Niacinamide at night.

The challenge with Systems lies in the skin cycle. New skin takes around 28 days to surface, and any active ingredients in your products will take at least this long to show results. It usually takes about three cycles, or around 90 days, for noticeable changes. The issue with Systems is that they maintain the same treatment even as the skin progresses beyond its irritated phase.

Enter Plans.

Plans are merely combinations of products that adapt based on what your skin requires. Plans outshine Systems and Products for several reasons. For example, Plans can adjust ingredients or their concentrations as the skin barrier improves, addressing specific needs at different stages.

Considering the ever-changing preferences of our skin, Plans offer a tailored approach, ensuring your skin gets what it needs when it needs it. Move aside Katy Perry; skin is the ultimate diva.

You don't have to purchase Plans (though our 28 Day Skin Plan is pretty amazing). With a bit of knowledge about what you're applying and how it addresses each aspect of the acne-forming process, you can create your own evolving skincare routine.

So, the next time you shop for a skin treatment, consider how you can structure it as a 90-day Plan rather than relying on a single product. Your skin will undoubtedly thank you for it.

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