Which is more important to you clear skin or happy skin?

If achieving clear skin is your goal, your journey might unfold like this: your skin breaks out, prompting you to invest in an acne product. Initially, there's a calming effect on your breakouts, but eventually, the situation worsens. In response, you purchase a slightly stronger acne product, and the cycle repeats, each time with your skin deteriorating further. This pattern persists until you resort to prescription strength products, antibiotics, or even accutane. The quest for clear skin from the initial breakout spans years, and the repercussions on your skin, body, and self-esteem linger even longer.

But why does this happen?

Early products often focus solely on reducing oil or eliminating bacteria, neglecting other aspects of the acne formation process and the overall care of your skin. Addressing only partial aspects of the process can lead to increased skin oil production, disturbance in bacterial balance, damage to the skin barrier, irritation, ingredient sensitivity, inflammation, and a vicious cycle of more breakouts. Prescription products, while effective, come with their own set of side effects. While for some, prescription solutions may be the necessary path, for many, these side effects could have been avoided, resulting in clear skin achieved but not necessarily happily.

Now, consider the alternative path to happy skin. Rethink your approach to acne skincare by focusing on treating all components of the acne process and maintaining overall skin health. Start by streamlining your product usage, emphasizing hydration and repair, and employing only one product for each facet of the acne process. Opt for scientifically proven products that won't harm your skin. Identify and comprehend your triggers, making subtle lifestyle changes to avoid them. This approach results in a state of happily healthy skin, where the skin barrier repairs, skin oil and bacteria levels normalise, and clear skin becomes a natural outcome.

While the journey to happy skin may take months, the alternative, marked by unhappy skin, extends over years. At our core, we believe everyone deserves the joy of happy skin, which is why we create personalised skin plans to make your skin not just clear, but genuinely happy.

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