ESG Polices

At UPGRAD'D® Laboratories, our commitment to sustainability and responsible business practices is at the core of our operations. Embracing the principles of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG), we strive to create a positive impact on the world around us. Our comprehensive ESG Polices, detailed in the attached documents, outlines our strategies to minimise our environmental footprint, foster social inclusivity, and uphold the highest standards of corporate governance. From reducing carbon emissions to promoting diversity and ensuring ethical business conduct, we are dedicated to transparency and accountability. By integrating ESG considerations into our decision-making processes, we aim to contribute to a more sustainable and equitable future. Explore the attached documents to delve into the specifics of our ESG initiatives and join us on this journey toward responsible and impactful business practices:


Nano Material Declaration

Denatured Alcohol Policy

Pork Declaration 

Palm Oil Policy


Material Policy Statement