Patch Test Promise

At UPGRAD'D® Labs we care about your skin and formulate all our products to avoid irritating ingredients.
However, sometimes products and skin just don’t get along.
We provide a free Patch Test Kit with every product and were pioneers in doing so. If you’re new to our products, or a specific ingredient, our kits allow you to easily patch test before opening the full size product.

How it works

You’ll find a Patch Test box with your product from UPGRAD'D® Labs.Open the plastic bag and vial.
  1. The vial contains a small sample of product.
  2. Dip the cotton swab stick into the vial.
  3. Wipe the moistened swab gently across your skin.
    We recommend the inside crease of your elbow rather than your face.
  4. Wait 24-48 hours and observe for any adverse reaction.        

What reactions to look for? 

In the unlikely event of a major reaction, this will be quite noticeable. Your skin may appear red, bumpy or blotchy and could be itchy or mildly painful. In such a rare case, discontinue use and scan the Return QR code below or visit our returns page.

Mild Reactions:

You may experience a mild reaction, which could mean one or two things. The first is that your skin isn't fond of the product, so you should discontinue usage.

The second scenario is that you’re using a product that is designed to create a reaction, such as short-lived reaction, and will occur almost immediately after application and last no longer than an hour.

If the reaction worsens over time, or doesn't get better within the hour, discontinue use. If skin settles down within that hour, though, you should be good to go!


Some products (like skin acids and retinoids) work by increasing skin cell turnover. You may experience an increased rate of breakouts after a few days of using a skin acid as it 'purges' blocked pores.

This is quite normal and your skin will be less congested after the purge has finished (usually a couple of days). Have faith and stay the course.

Take Breaks:

Our skin’s acid mantle is a mildly acidic film that acts as a barrier against harmful microbes and irritants.

Daily use of products (like skin acids and retinols) can weaken your acid mantle which can result in inflammation and breakouts, so we recommend that you take breaks every other day. 

How can I make a return?

Scan the QR Code or click the link below to fill our returns form, simple and easy!

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Can´t scan? Click here.

If you have an adverse reaction, or any apprehension about an ingredient, you can return your unopened product to us free of charge.

We will happily refund you in full upon the receipt of the unopened product - we’ll even pay for the return postage.

Simple. Honest.