Our Forever Impact  

1. Honesty

Fundamentally, our product development is guided by a core philosophy. Within our team of in-house scientists, we leverage the most advanced discoveries in skincare science, beauty devices, and supplements. This allows us to pioneer innovative formulations that unlock your innate radiance and vitality.
  • We do not believe in 'Clean Beauty' or 'Greenwashing'.
  • We do not choose ingredients based on their effectiveness, not on whether they are synthetic, natural, green, or allegedly clean. We do not avoid ingredients because they sound scientific and do not include ingredients because they are popular.
  • Every formulation is made in our state-of-art laboratory at our Cotswolds HQ.

2. Commitment

At UPGRAD’D® Labs, our fundamental belief centres around conducting business in a manner that benefits not only individuals but also contributes positively to the well-being of our planet. We are committed to a sustainable approach that aligns with our core values, where ethical practices and environmental responsibility are at the heart of everything we do.
  • We use carbon neutral sugar cane mailing bags and compostable packaging.
  • We never ever test on animals.
  • We stand with Cruelty Free International, PETA and The Vegan Society as a 100% cruelty-free brand, now and always.
  • 99% of our products are Vegan
  • We donate a percentage of our profits to good individual causes and charities.
  • We believe in reuse, recycle and repurpose.

3. Upgraded

With a passion for evidence-led innovation, we are dedicated to revolutionise the way you experience products. Everything we offer is crafted in our cutting-edge, in-house laboratory, where science meets boundless creativity. Our commitment to delivering excellence is not just a promise; it's a journey of discovery that ensures every product we bring to you is backed by robust research and quality. 

  • In 2019, we introduced in-product patch testing. Until 2023 we were the only skincare brand to provide all its customers with free access to patch tests.
  • We've introduced refillable pouches, allowing individuals to reuse, recycle, and repurpose their previously purchased bottles.
  • In 2023, we introduced braille as we believe skincare should be accessible for everyone. 


At UPGRAD’D® Labs, we aim for you to grasp the beneficial effects you're contributing to your skin, the environment, and society every time you make a purchase. This is made possible through our utilisation of Provenance®, a software that consolidates ethical data into easily understandable Proof Points, ensuring the credibility of our assertions, thus enabling you to shop with assurance. 

 You can access our sustainability credentials on the Provenance Beauty Directory, where you can explore UPGRAD’D® Labs comprehensive sustainability profile.